ADAM and The Industry:Zenni Opticals Blazes a Telling Rail

The Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies Initiative (ADAM) was flagged off in 2006 and took 3 years to complete. The project was solely focused on involving scientists and other stakeholders in the achievement of climate change policies fronted by the European Union. ADAMS was a big initiative that involved over 100 research experts from renowned institutions around the world.

The ADAM project strives for a world whose temperatures are only 2 degrees above those of pre-industrial times. The thinking behind this is that all stakeholders join hands in the war against global warming, and then lives and resources are going to be saved around the world every day.

The Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies plan is to ensure that the climate concepts of the European Union come to pass. The approach to climatic solutions is structured in such a way that each phase leads to other right up to the end. ADAM takes into consideration the emissions that have rocked the world over the last decade and works towards cutting industrial input to environmental degradation over a structured span of time in the future. The project is heavily centred on environmental pollution and seeks to find mitigating circumstances by involving scientists, researchers and environmentalists. According to the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research in the UK, ADAM is the quintessential climate change and green energy blueprint.

As things stand, companies involved in manufacturing essential products are now shifting towards green solutions in a bid to negate the impact some earlier activities have had on the environment around the world. These companies are, by so doing, setting a gold standard that will forever change the way industries look at climate policy. Industries have (for a long time now) been the main culprit when it comes to environmental pollution. Some are now toning down on their use of various harmful technologies and adopting alternatives that pose little danger to global flora and fauna.

One of the strongest proponents of ADAM is Zenni Opticals, a leading company whose forte is the production of prescription glasses. The company has fallen in line with climate change research ideals which advocate for the reuse and recycling of materials in industry. Rather than make use of new materials to make frames or lenses for its clients, Zenni is now making use of what has already come out of the production lines and fallen to disrepair.

A case in point is the re-use of old frames for new glasses. After some digging around, Zenni realized that an overwhelming majority of users will at some point need changes in lenses(either due to new prescriptions or as a result of old lenses getting cracked). When this happens, they are forced to buy the new package along with lenses they do not need. The company realized that gathering old frames would be ideal as they work great with newly prescribed lenses.

Zenni has also adopted the use of old lenses on new frames. They basically analyze the need for lenses vis a vis the demand for frames. In situations where clients need frames to replace broken ones, the company does not need to make a whole new set of glasses. The company has also been known as an avid proponent of recycled glass parts when it comes to the manufacture of prescription solutions.

Climate Change And Nutrition

The environmental changes of the last decade has made many people sensitive in all environment issues as well as nutrition. It has almost become a trend lately to live green and eat healthy. That’s why organic foods as well as the so-called superfoods have entered the global market. Although, these kinds of products are very expensive to plant, cultivate, collect and distribute without conservatives. That’s why a Live superfoods coupon is so helpful.

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Optical eyeglasses have become part of our lifestyle. At some point in time an individual may need to wear a pair of glasses. They are necessary for improving vision as well as correcting eyesight defects. A good pair of eyeglasses corrects short-sight, long-sight, double vision, blurred vision and more. One of the popular brands in the market is Zenni Optical. The firm has been offering eyeglasses online for some time. A review of the eyeglasses brings forth the following aspects:

The Good

Variety: Zenni optical eyeglasses come in a wide range of designs and sizes. A shopper has the option of choosing from over 3,000 tailor-made frames that are suitable for children, women and also men.

Free anti-scratch and UV Coatings: Each frame comes coated by anti-scratch and ultra-violet (UV) film/coating. This increases protection against the elements as well as longevity.

Free lenses and Shipping: A customer who buys the tailor-made frames gets free lenses that are delivered free-of-charge.

Affordable: Zenni Optical is acknowledged as a leader in regard to providing cheap and affordable eyeglasses. Add to that the generous discounts they give through the coupons they issue every once in a while. Search online to get one for yourself!

zenni coupon codesStylish: Eyeglasses from Zenni Optical are stylish and trendy. Besides improving vision the optical glasses also augment the wearer’s appearance.

Easy to find the right match: Shoppers can identify the right product by using a try-on widget. This virtual resource helps users upload their picture and match it to the frames before purchasing.

Versatile: The frames and eyeglasses from Zenni Optical are very flexible. The lenses are available as standard single-vision, polycarbonate, transition, high-index, photochromic, polarized and tinted.

The Bad

-No Designer Frames: Zenni Optical doesn’t offer designer or brand names. A prospective buyer can only choose from the available models and household brands.

– No Sunglasses: The company only stocks ordinary eyeglasses. This means that a person searching for sunglasses will find the online resource unreliable.

– Slow Shipping: Orders are processed in 3 to 5 days. The company ships the products via standard mail which usually takes two to three weeks. Speedy shipping which normally takes one and half week is also available but at extra cost.

The Bottom Line

Zenni Optical offers a wide range of frames and eyeglasses that are suitable for the entire family. The tailor-made eyeglasses feature anti-scratch, anti-glare, and UV coatings for durability. The stylish glasses are also affordable. However, brand names or designer glasses, and sunglasses are not available. It also takes a while to ship the products. The final verdict is that eyeglasses from Zenni Optical are ideal for anyone looking for stylish eyeglasses as long as he isn’t concerned with sunglasses or brand-names.

Which Vitamins Are Good For Your Eyes?

Eyes are constantly exposed to harmful action of exogenous agents. Be it for hours and hours spent in front of computer or television, prolonged exposure to solar radiation or cigarette smoke, all they have harmful effects on the entire body.

In these conditions, there are eye fatigue, headaches, even decreased visual acuity, but can come in helpful vitamins.

Vitamin delay the onset of cataracts

Vitamin A is an important antioxidant that helps your eyes adjust to changes in light, preventing the degeneration of the cornea and retina, thus taking away cataracts. Vitamin A in the body can lead to nerve degeneration and olfactory. It is therefore important to regularly consume foods rich in provitamin A, such as carrots, sea buckthorn, apricot, banana, pepper, beet, spinach or red cabbage, and liver, butter, cheese or milk.

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Zinc helps prevent macular degeneration

Some experts believe that zinc deficiency is responsible for the occurrence of cataract, but it helps keep intake of vitamin A in the body. Lack of zinc may contribute to the development of chronic diseases of the eye (macular degeneration), the major cause of vision loss in the elderly. You can find zinc in meat, liver, fish, yeast, pumpkin seeds or eggs.

Too little omega-3 fatty acids can lead to retinal damage, so it would be best to eat at least three times a week, fatty fish (salmon or tuna), which will take necessary and zinc.

Vitamins B2, B6 and B9 help reduce eye fatigue

B complex vitamins are significant contributors to the eye, such as:

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin or lactoflavine called) is essential for eye health. Located in retinal pigment allows the eyes to adjust to the light. Thus, its deficiency is manifested by photophobia, tearing, itching and burning of the eyes, decreased visual acuity. Instead, a sufficient amount of riboflavin, which is found in most vegetables, but also in liver, kidney, milk, rice paddy or wheat bran, attenuates fatigue, increasing visual acuity;

An important role is and vitamin B6, which helps regulate intraocular pressure (especially glaucoma), and is found also in the foods listed above;

Vitamin B9 (inositol) is also useful for vision problems, being present in fruits, nuts, sprouted grains, milk, meat or yeast.

Vitamin C protects the lens

Some studies have shown that vitamin C or ascorbic acid protects the lens, preventing cataracts and glaucoma. Its absence can occasionally cause glaucoma even being one of the causes of cataract formation. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits in particular. Because vitamin C takes part in metabolism, and copper shows great importance to the eye.

Vitamin E, the recommended myopia

Vitacost Natural Vitamin E
Vitacost Natural Vitamin E

Vitamin E, or tocopherol is especially recommended for people with myopia. It plays an important role in preventing cataract formation and is found in nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, rosehip, sprouts, greens, olive oil and eggs. Selenium, which helps maintain tissue elasticity, necessary for optimal development of the activity of vitamin E. It is in seafood, kidneys, liver, and bran, onions, tomatoes or broccoli.

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Lutein key element in maintaining eye health

Often lutein deficiency has been associated with eye problems. Lutein has the ability to increase visual acuity, especially in combination with zeaxanthin (carotenoid located in the macula of the eye). The best source of lutein is the yolk. Lutein is a powerful antioxidant, being able to filter out damaging blue light. Various studies show that consumption of lutein and zeaxanthin, has been reduced risk of cataracts.

For more healthy eyes, you should drink a daily glass of carrot juice. Optionally, you can drink juices and other fruit and vegetables, such as blueberries, quince, buckthorn, rosehip, raspberry juice, potatoes, parsley and dandelion. The condition is to eat them immediately after juicing.

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