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Climate change and the increasing need for nutritional supplements

With the average temperature increasing steadily over the last decade, there are clear indications that it is having an impact on food production. Human activities have been at the heart of the problem, especially those resulting in greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions.

This article seeks to discuss the adverse effects of climate change on food production and the increasing need for food supplements to complement the available food.

Worldwide famine is a real threat

When dealing with the causes of the decline in food production, we must acknowledge that in addition to the rising temperatures, there is also a steady decline in soil quality. This has a direct effect on the nutritional value of the food that we produce. Modern farming methods have also led to soil mismanagement thereby putting a strain on the overall food yield.

Governments are incapable of taming corporations

Pesticide manufacturers and sellers of junk food have almost been given a free pass to have business models that only cater for their bottom lines and not the greater public good. Ultimately the environment has continued to be decimated, putting the future of mankind in jeopardy.

Puritan Pride and Vitacost Supplements are becoming increasingly necessary

The issues discussed above have led to a sharp increase in the demand of food supplements as the normal diets are not meeting all the body’s nutritional needs. These dietary supplements madek by and boost the body’s energy levels by giving it the needed nutrients.

In the regions that have been affected there is a marked increase in the demand for nutritional supplements as people seek to get those nutrients that are missing in their diet.

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One of the ways to guard against the effects of climate change is growing your own food. You don’t necessarily need a lot of space as you can use your own backyard for vegetables or a studio apartment.

Also protect your vegetables from wilting as this causes them to lose much of their nutritional value. Buying them from the organic source ensures that you find them high-quality and fresh.

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