Improve Your Eye Health With The Right Nutrition

eye-health-nutritionOne important thing we need to understand is that our eyes are an integral organ in out body, existing in conjunction with all our other body parts. This means that anything affecting our body will affect our eyes.

With the rise in the rates of vision loss among young and old Americans, it is important to take a look at what is causing this rise. There has been some evidence that shows that a healthy diet will aid in preventing the development and progression of eye conditions and age-related eye diseases.

Below we are going to investigate the link between nutrition and eyesight loss, so that you can be informed on this subject.

Does Bad Nutrition Cause Eye Conditions?

As I mentioned earlier, your eye does not exist in isolation, but rather as an important part of your body. This means that your bad nutrition may cause health complications which will inevitably affect your eyesight.

These eye conditions include retinal vessel occlusion and diabetic eye problems. Firstly, we have retinal vessel occlusion, which occurs when the blood vessels of our eyes and blocked so that oxygen-rich blood is not circulated through our eyes. This blocking of the vessels is caused by smoking, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

We also have diabetic eye problems, which as you can deduce occur as a result of diabetes. The results of the UK Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS) proved that secondary complications of type 2 diabetes such as retinopathy could be hindered by maintaining a good blood glucose and a normal blood pressure.

Does Nutrition Age-Related Progress Eye Diseases?

The two most common age-relate eye diseases are cataracts and macular degeneration. Cataracts occur when your eye lens becomes cloudy as a result of ageing, while macular degeneration occurs when the lining of your eye begins to deteriorate.

Studies have shown that these diseases can be delayed through the consumption of vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C, carotenoids, and antioxidants.

How Can You Improve Your Eye Health With Nutrition

Luckily, you can minimize your risk of developing the aforementioned conditions by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can also delay the progression of age-related eye diseases by taking in the right vitamins and minerals.

Some of the nutrients you should increase your intake of include omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and zinc. You should also avoid high levels of sugar and sodium, and you should stop smoking.


While the link between nutrition and eyesight problems is not nearly as analyzed as the link between nutrition and heart problems, there is still a lot if information that we do know. As you can see, you nutrition plays a big part in the quality of your vision, and that is why you need to maintain a healthy and balanced diet in order to ensure good health.

Can Technology Stop Climate Change

In the past few weeks a lot of news was about climate changes. And the news is always about the breaking stories: people and events that attract the public, e.g. when historic climate change agreement adopted by world leaders last week in Paris, or when Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson were stand behind the newly formed Breakthrough Energy Coalition.

While the governments are focused on policies, newfound Coalition emphasizes on technology, and as it is stated on its website, one of the biggest problems on the planet is producing large-scale, reliable, affordable, and carbon free energy. Experts say that the problem can be solved if, collective actions from governments, universities and the private sector will be undertaken on the global scale.

Edward A. Parson is faculty co-director of the Emmett institute on Climate Change, and the Environment at the University of California. He consulted the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and explained the issue to the Huffington Post. He said: “You can understand climate changes as a mostly technical problem to which is a mostly technical solution.”

Talking about the fossil fuels as the biggest problems in climate changes he said that it is not enough to discover brilliant new technology that is going to make it all better. It’s not easy; lot of work has left to be done. In most of the world, about 80% of energy consumption comes from fossil fuels.

According to Parsons, even if the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, succeed to make solar energy dirt cheap, a lot more need to be done. E.G. policymakers need to ensure focus on sustainable renewable energy, because son is not always shining and wind is not always blowing.

Several important things need to be done like develop renewable clean energy, improve storage of energy and nuclear power. It is on the bad reputation because of the meltdowns, and so-called “radioactive waste”. Now it’s crucial for nuclear energy to become safer and easier to implement. It is a fact that development of nuclear energy is stagnating in last couple of years. Nevertheless, In comparison with sun, wind or fossil fuel sources, nuclear power is the most optimal.

Technologies for sure need to move to the climate safe society, many of them are already available or close to development. Parsons says there is a big message of optimism but policymakers need to put it in motion.

How climate change has caused a rise in nutritional supplements

Over the last decade, the average temperature has been increasing steadily by nearly 20% due to human activities especially those regarding carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emissions in the atmosphere. It has had an effect on us in one way or another but this article will focus on how food has been drastically affected and how food supplements have saved many who are malnutritioned.

What is global warming?

It is a phenomenon where there’s a significant and gradual rise in the earth’s average temperature. The atmosphere and the deep blue oceans included. Climatic changes are then noticed all over the planet as the temperature system has been affected.

Causes of global warming

· Natural factors

They are inevitable and normally there’s little that can be done to hinder global warming caused by nature. Factors like sea-level affects the level of CO2 in the air. Other factors like the position of the earth in its orbit in relation to the sun, carbon cycle, plant and animal respiration and volcanic eruption are all causes of global warming.

· Human factors

Activities involving fossil fuel burning in cars, factories and electricity producing plants, also emit greenhouse gases. They end up gathering in the lower atmosphere without disintegrating which poses a threat to plant and animal life because they end up trapping heat within the earth’s atmosphere. Gases like methane, nitrous oxide and mainly CO2 are responsible.

Effects of global warming

global warmingThe high temperature trapped within causes melting of ice in the polar region, a rise in sea level, expansion and desertification of arable farming lands, heat waves, heavy or no rainfall, drought and famine. Generally, this leads to reduced agricultural yields in the markets and consequently ends up affecting man’s activities. This climatic change is one of the main reasons for low food quantity and quality produced. Temperature is vital for living things and once compromised, drastic changes take place in the bodies of the organisms. There is a threat to energy cycle since the producer is not giving enough for the consumer and the whole food chain is energy deficient. Crops, livestock, fisheries, grains, fruits and vegetables quantity have all been affected.

diseases on fruitsThe CO2 and other greenhouse gases level has led to the reduced level of vital nutrients like zinc, iron and protein among the few. Also, productive lands become bare and little or no food is produced. One’s plantation may be attacked and destroyed by the flash heavy rainfall caused by global warming. New pests and diseases may attack crops as the heat wave makes the low altitude pests to climb to higher altitudes where the land is arable for farming.

Supplements Are Necessary Now More Than Ever

Nutritional SupplementsThis has led to the sharp rise of food supplement demands since all the nutrients needed by the body can’t be found in a normal diet. The dietary supplements rejuvenate the body’s energy by adding the replenished nutrients.

More and more people living in regions highly affected by the drastic climatic changes are now demanding for food supplements in order to get the extra nutrient they feel is lacking in their diet. Vitaqure is one of the latest online magazines which gives information on nutritional supplement manufacturers and brands as well as tips for a healthier life.

In the video presentation below, organized by the Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture (MICCA) Programme and the Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum) in March 2015, Hideki Kanamaru, explains how climate change is going to impact nutrition quality and food security. Kanamaru is a Natural Resource Officer at the Food and Agriculture Organization.

Eyeglasses, Contact lenses… Or Both?

contact lenses propertiesWhen I was 10, as many kids have experienced, I started having difficulty looking to the board at school so I couldn’t write down what the teacher would write. I couldn’t see TV clearly too. I told my parents and took me to the optician. As it was expected, I was diagnosed with short-sighteness. Of course, we bought my first pair of prescription glasses, totally out of fashion, unsuitable to my face. Anyway, I have bought several glasses since then and I’ve also switched to contact lenses. However, I always have my glasses handy since contacts turn to irritate my eyes from time to time.

Glasses Or Contacts

glasses wearingWhether you opt for contact lenses or eye glasses for your vision correction, typically depends on your personal taste and preferences. Comfort, convenience, lifestyle, aesthetics and budget should all be considered during the decision making process. Before choosing between the two, keep in mind that none the two is necessarily better than the other. Each option has its own pros and cons in terms of ease of use, eye health and vision.

Eyeglasses have a number of advantages over the latter. They require very minimal maintenance and cleaning, a user does not need to touch his or her eyes when wearing them minimizing risks of eye infections and they are more affordable than contact lenses as they do not need to be replaced regularly. Moreover, glasses also act as an enhancement to your personality and make a bold fashion statement!

That said, contact lenses also have several benefits over glasses. They sit directly over the eye, and peripheral vision stays unobstructed. I can easily participate in sports and other outdoor activities without worrying of the lenses getting in the way, breaking or falling off. I also change my eye color with colored lenses. So between the two which one fits your needs and lifestyle? Here is a comprehensive break down of the pros and cons of each eyewear to help you decide.

Contact Lenses

I started wearing contacts years ago so I have gathered lots of experience in how to treat them and what to pay attention when you put them on, take them off, storing them, and even buying them online.


basket-They conform to the eye’s curvature, providing a wider view and causing minimal vision distortions or obstructions.

-Can be used when playing sports and exercising.

-Do not clash with what you are wearing.

– Cannot be affected by weather and will not fog up in extremely cold weather conditions like glasses.

-Some special contact lenses can re-shape a user’s cornea when sleeping, commonly referred to as orthokeratology which temporarily corrects myopia.


– Contacts minimize the amount of oxygen coming into contact with your eyes. This can increase or cause severity of the dry eye syndrome.

-Can cause computer vision syndrome

-Require proper care and cleaning.


And now were coming to glasses. It’s true that I’ve hated and loved them all these years, depending on the frame I was using every time.


– Wearing glasses minimizes the need for one to touch his or her eyes. This in turn reduces the chances of irritating your eye or developing an infection

-If you have sensitive or dry eyes, eyeglasses will not exacerbate your problem like contact lenses do.

-Eyeglasses are typically cheaper than lenses over the long term. You do not need to replace them as often.

-Frames are trendy and speak a lot about your style and personality.

-Glasses can protect you from environmental factors such as dust, debris and wind.


-Can distort your peripheral vision as they sit around half an inch from your eyes.

-If your prescription is too strong, the edges of your glasses may be too thick and unappealing making your eyes appear magnified.

– Some frames usually exert c continuous pressure behind your ears or on your nose leading to headaches and discomfort.

The decision to wear either glasses or contact lenses is purely a matter of personal taste and preferences. Also keep in mind that if you usually put on contact lenses, it is also important to have a pair of glasses just in case you cannot wear contacts due to an irritation or infection. Personally, I wear both. When I do sports, I put on my contacts and I enjoy the sense of freedom. When I am home I use my glasses cause they always come handy and relax my eyes.

Effects of the Environment on Eyesight


Over the past few decades, the number of individuals who suffer from eye problems has been on the rise. For instance, a recent study conducted in the European continent has established that the number of people seeking glasses for short-sightedness has doubled. One cause of this boom, scientists estimate, is the rise in use of electronic screens. However, another cause for increase in eye problems is to be blamed on climate change. As the world’s climate became ever more unstable, the resultant complications cannot be ignored. There is definitely a relationship between the increased level of pollution in the past few decades and a rise in eye problems.


Eye complications have recently been on the rise. For instance, the number of patients seeking treatment for irritated eyes has risen significantly. One cause of this is that climate change causes a change in normal temperatures of an area. The result is that pathogens that might not have otherwise been able to survive do. The result is that people end up being infected with illnesses such as pink eye. While pink eye used to limited to certain, it is quite common to observe the illness almost throughout the years, this can in part be explained by the damage that has been caused to the environment. As human beings go deeper into tropical jungles, they awaken dangerous strains of this eye disease, which are becoming ever harder to treat.

It is a well-known fact that UV light has very damaging effects on human health. The primary impact of UV light is that it can cause skin cancer. Additionally, UV light has very damaging effects on human eyesight. Over the years, factories have emitted dangerous gases in the atmosphere that have shredded the ozone layer to bits. The ozone layer is a protective gas that keeps UV lights at bay. Due to environmental pollutants, the effectiveness of the ozone layer has been critically damaged. UV lights can be very damaging on the eyesight. It has been known to cause partial blindness. As a result, people are forced to wear protective sunglasses in order to prevent UV light damage on their eyes.

However, UV light is not the only cause of damage to human eyesight. Environmental pollution is another major cause of eye problems in human populations. Over the past few years, cases of water pollution have gained prominence in the media. However, this type of pollution has been going on for years. When dangerous chemicals are deposited in water sources, they tend to affect normal development of unborn children. One of the most sensitive organs in the human body is the eye. Just a bit of interference during the child’s formation could lead to lifelong eyesight problems. In addition, environmental pollution tends to increase the level of dust particles and other irritants in the atmosphere. This causes constant rubbing of the eyes, which can having detrimental effects on the eyes.


The link between growing eyesight problems and climate change is undeniable. This is yet another reason governments should seriously invest in climate control measure. Failure to do so could lead to a future rife with all sorts of eye problems and many other ailments.

Climate change in 2016

One can argue that many Maltese people are aware of the changes in climate and its implications but we should consider the fact that the awareness does not equate into changes in habits and actions. When one changes the way he or she acts, it does not necessarily equate to solving the complex environmental issues that include the changes in climate. This calls for the need to rethink about the way one interacts and deal with nature and look for answers to the essential questions that they have always taken for granted.

This video is from Dr. Christopher Monkton’s speech in the London Conference on Climate Change 2016 where he talks about the main issues which have recently come up regarding the environmental change. See more here.

Presently, most awareness that is taken into account depends greatly on a narrative that is based on an outdated view of nature and cultural fears that need to be controlled at all costs. The narrative`s basis contains a lot of false security which can only be solved scientifically.

Consider a polar bear. It is loved by many people but this charismatic species has a sense of disconnection that symbolizes our main issue. The Maltese people do not consider themselves as characters in the melting ice caps and polar bears story. It is shocking to realize that many of them have never seen a polar bear. However, they comfortably believe that there exists some people who take good care of the nature and the bears in a place that is far from the Mediterranean Sea hence cater for the problem.

The same problem is evident in the UN talks on the climatic changes whereby the people falsely belief that that the politicians are trying to solve the problem and they will get a solution at the end of the day because they signed a deal. However, this is not true because science and nature cannot negotiate with any specific species be it a human being or an animal such as birds.

The bare truth that people consider to be harsh is the fact that they are suffering from a false sense of security that is broadly evident in their view that nature can be controlled which will allow prioritizing of their interests. Nonetheless, many communities around the world have realized that it is just an illusion because they have been affected by the positive and negative impacts of climatic change. Regrettably, the climatic change crisis always affects the poorer nations and poorest people disproportionately yet they are not liable for the causes of climate crisis they are facing. It has been proven that the world’s richest countries are responsible for the changes in climate because they have always polluted their way to progress.

The legacy evident in the world`s most richest countries has been passed to the future generations. The scientists have used the past occurrences to forecast how the changes in climate will begin to affect the societies by the end of the century. Their forecasts have been proven because the climatic changes have dawned on the people. These changes include rise in sea level, crop failures due to changes in climate and human displacement. Tom Wagner, a known scientist who works for NASA, argued earlier that people need to understand that the planet has changed. He also asserted that the only way the people can reduce the future suffering of the millions of people is to create all the links to climatic change in a bigger picture and begin acting on their root causes as soon as possible.

ADAM and the industry:Zenni Opticals blazes a telling rail

The Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies Initiative (ADAM) was flagged off in 2006 and took 3 years to complete. The project was solely focused on involving scientists and other stakeholders in the achievement of climate change policies fronted by the European Union. ADAMS was a big initiative that involved over 100 research experts from renowned institutions around the world.

The ADAM project strives for a world whose temperatures are only 2 degrees above those of pre-industrial times. The thinking behind this is that all stakeholders join hands in the war against global warming, and then lives and resources are going to be saved around the world every day.

The Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies plan is to ensure that the climate concepts of the European Union come to pass. The approach to climatic solutions is structured in such a way that each phase leads to other right up to the end. ADAM takes into consideration the emissions that have rocked the world over the last decade and works towards cutting industrial input to environmental degradation over a structured span of time in the future. The project is heavily centred on environmental pollution and seeks to find mitigating circumstances by involving scientists, researchers and environmentalists. According to the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research in the UK, ADAM is the quintessential climate change and green energy blueprint.

As things stand, companies involved in manufacturing essential products are now shifting towards green solutions in a bid to negate the impact some earlier activities have had on the environment around the world. These companies are, by so doing, setting a gold standard that will forever change the way industries look at climate policy. Industries have (for a long time now) been the main culprit when it comes to environmental pollution. Some are now toning down on their use of various harmful technologies and adopting alternatives that pose little danger to global flora and fauna.

One of the strongest proponents of ADAM is Zenni Opticals, a leading company whose forte is the production of prescription glasses. The company has fallen in line with climate change research ideals which advocate for the reuse and recycling of materials in industry. Rather than make use of new materials to make frames or lenses for its clients, Zenni is now making use of what has already come out of the production lines and fallen to disrepair.

A case in point is the re-use of old frames for new glasses. After some digging around, Zenni realized that an overwhelming majority of users will at some point need changes in lenses(either due to new prescriptions or as a result of old lenses getting cracked). When this happens, they are forced to buy the new package along with lenses they do not need. The company realized that gathering old frames would be ideal as they work great with newly prescribed lenses.

Zenni has also adopted the use of old lenses on new frames. They basically analyse the need for lenses vis a vis the demand for frames. In situations where clients need frames to replace broken ones, the company does not need to make a whole new set of glasses. The company has also been known as an avid proponent of recycled glass parts when it comes to the manufacture of prescription solutions.

A how to guide on ordering prescription glasses online

Online shopping has long since surpassed regular stores with its incredible variety and better overall deals. A growing interest in ordering prescription glasses online is only understandable. But is it possible? And if so, how?

The answer to whether or not it can be done is a resounding yes. However, for those of us who need prescription glasses, picking the wrong kind could prove a mere annoyance. Luckily, this can be avoided by planning ahead and implement some of the following steps.

1. Measurements

optometrist prescriptionIf you take a close look at the temples of your current glasses you’ll notice what may seem like random numbers. This is actually their measurement and millimeters separated into three categories. First is the lens length, followed by the bridge length. While all models vary in sizes this can give you a good indication of what you’re looking for.

2. Know your eyes

optometristAs unfortunate as it is, so many of us suffer from uniquely differing eye problems. This makes both the positioning of the lenses, and their type (multi-focal, single-vision) a must know. If you don’t have an exact prescription it is highly recommended that you have your eye doctor or optician provide you with one. Alternatively, you could do what is known as pupillary distance test, which can be found online.

3. Style

glasses styleNot having the ability to try on the pairs of glasses you’re interested in is undoubtedly a disadvantage. However, the larger selection and incredible bargains available online make it worthwhile to get creative.

4. Look for glasses that match the shape of your face.

For example, a round face is most likely to benefit from narrow or rectangular type models. Square shaped models should be avoided due to their tendency to accentuate sharp angles.

Those with a diamond type face would find rimless shaped glasses most complementary, but should absolutely avoid the narrow type which works well with rounder faces.

A Guide to Ordering Prescription Glasses Online

Given the fact that we live in the era of the internet, online shopping definitely beats offline shopping as far as convenience and discounts are concerned. After all, online shopping enables you to get the products that you need at a great price and with just a couple of clicks on your mouse button! Moreover, the product gets delivered right at your doorstep too. Thus, the internet and the presence of numerous online shopping websites have definitely revolutionized the way we shop.

Today, it is also possible to shop for prescription glasses online. All you need is to select the style of frame that you like, pick the lenses that you need and of course select a reliable and reputable optician company. If you are confused by the vast number of options then you ought to do your research well. Additionally, it would also help you to save a lot of money in the process. Thus, due to these attractive reasons, people find themselves being drawn to the idea of purchasing prescription glasses online instead of having to visit the physical store in order to get themselves a pair of spectacles.

try glassesIf you wish to get yourself a pair of spectacles online then you should educate and acquaint yourself with the things that you need to do. The very first thing that you need to do is to find out your frame size. Next, you need to select a glass style that suits your face shape. A lot of the prescription glasses websites these dys allow prospective customers to upload their pictures and then load different styles of frames on the picture so that you’d know how you look like with different spectacles frames. You should also be aware of your prescription type and Pupillary Distance or PD. Most importantly, you should choose a company that offers prescription glasses which fit your prescription and lifestyle!

Watch this video to learn how to measure your pupillary distance yourself before ordering glasses from an e-shop: