Can Technology Stop Climate Change

In the past few weeks a lot of news was about climate changes. And the news is always about the breaking stories: people and events that attract the public, e.g. when historic climate change agreement adopted by world leaders last week in Paris, or when Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Richard Branson were stand behind the newly formed Breakthrough Energy Coalition.

While the governments are focused on policies, newfound Coalition emphasizes on technology, and as it is stated on its website, one of the biggest problems on the planet is producing large-scale, reliable, affordable, and carbon free energy. Experts say that the problem can be solved if, collective actions from governments, universities and the private sector will be undertaken on the global scale.

Edward A. Parson is faculty co-director of the Emmett institute on Climate Change, and the Environment at the University of California. He consulted the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and explained the issue to the Huffington Post. He said: “You can understand climate changes as a mostly technical problem to which is a mostly technical solution.”

Talking about the fossil fuels as the biggest problems in climate changes he said that it is not enough to discover brilliant new technology that is going to make it all better. It’s not easy; lot of work has left to be done. In most of the world, about 80% of energy consumption comes from fossil fuels.

According to Parsons, even if the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, succeed to make solar energy dirt cheap, a lot more need to be done. E.G. policymakers need to ensure focus on sustainable renewable energy, because son is not always shining and wind is not always blowing.

Several important things need to be done like develop renewable clean energy, improve storage of energy and nuclear power. It is on the bad reputation because of the meltdowns, and so-called “radioactive waste”. Now it’s crucial for nuclear energy to become safer and easier to implement. It is a fact that development of nuclear energy is stagnating in last couple of years. Nevertheless, In comparison with sun, wind or fossil fuel sources, nuclear power is the most optimal.

Technologies for sure need to move to the climate safe society, many of them are already available or close to development. Parsons says there is a big message of optimism but policymakers need to put it in motion.