Climate change in 2016

One can argue that many Maltese people are aware of the changes in climate and its implications but we should consider the fact that the awareness does not equate into changes in habits and actions. When one changes the way he or she acts, it does not necessarily equate to solving the complex environmental issues that include the changes in climate. This calls for the need to rethink about the way one interacts and deal with nature and look for answers to the essential questions that they have always taken for granted.

This video is from Dr. Christopher Monkton’s speech in the London Conference on Climate Change 2016 where he talks about the main issues which have recently come up regarding the environmental change. See more here.

Presently, most awareness that is taken into account depends greatly on a narrative that is based on an outdated view of nature and cultural fears that need to be controlled at all costs. The narrative`s basis contains a lot of false security which can only be solved scientifically.

Consider a polar bear. It is loved by many people but this charismatic species has a sense of disconnection that symbolizes our main issue. The Maltese people do not consider themselves as characters in the melting ice caps and polar bears story. It is shocking to realize that many of them have never seen a polar bear. However, they comfortably believe that there exists some people who take good care of the nature and the bears in a place that is far from the Mediterranean Sea hence cater for the problem.

The same problem is evident in the UN talks on the climatic changes whereby the people falsely belief that that the politicians are trying to solve the problem and they will get a solution at the end of the day because they signed a deal. However, this is not true because science and nature cannot negotiate with any specific species be it a human being or an animal such as birds.

The bare truth that people consider to be harsh is the fact that they are suffering from a false sense of security that is broadly evident in their view that nature can be controlled which will allow prioritizing of their interests. Nonetheless, many communities around the world have realized that it is just an illusion because they have been affected by the positive and negative impacts of climatic change. Regrettably, the climatic change crisis always affects the poorer nations and poorest people disproportionately yet they are not liable for the causes of climate crisis they are facing. It has been proven that the world’s richest countries are responsible for the changes in climate because they have always polluted their way to progress.

The legacy evident in the world`s most richest countries has been passed to the future generations. The scientists have used the past occurrences to forecast how the changes in climate will begin to affect the societies by the end of the century. Their forecasts have been proven because the climatic changes have dawned on the people. These changes include rise in sea level, crop failures due to changes in climate and human displacement. Tom Wagner, a known scientist who works for NASA, argued earlier that people need to understand that the planet has changed. He also asserted that the only way the people can reduce the future suffering of the millions of people is to create all the links to climatic change in a bigger picture and begin acting on their root causes as soon as possible.