Eyeglasses, Contact lenses… Or Both?

contact lenses propertiesWhen I was 10, as many kids have experienced, I started having difficulty looking to the board at school so I couldn’t write down what the teacher would write. I couldn’t see TV clearly too. I told my parents and took me to the optician. As it was expected, I was diagnosed with short-sighteness. Of course, we bought my first pair of prescription glasses, totally out of fashion, unsuitable to my face. Anyway, I have bought several glasses since then and I’ve also switched to contact lenses. However, I always have my glasses handy since contacts turn to irritate my eyes from time to time.

Glasses Or Contacts

glasses wearingWhether you opt for contact lenses or eye glasses for your vision correction, typically depends on your personal taste and preferences. Comfort, convenience, lifestyle, aesthetics and budget should all be considered during the decision making process. Before choosing between the two, keep in mind that none the two is necessarily better than the other. Each option has its own pros and cons in terms of ease of use, eye health and vision.

Eyeglasses have a number of advantages over the latter. They require very minimal maintenance and cleaning, a user does not need to touch his or her eyes when wearing them minimizing risks of eye infections and they are more affordable than contact lenses as they do not need to be replaced regularly. Moreover, glasses also act as an enhancement to your personality and make a bold fashion statement!

That said, contact lenses also have several benefits over glasses. They sit directly over the eye, and peripheral vision stays unobstructed. I can easily participate in sports and other outdoor activities without worrying of the lenses getting in the way, breaking or falling off. I also change my eye color with colored lenses. So between the two which one fits your needs and lifestyle? Here is a comprehensive break down of the pros and cons of each eyewear to help you decide.

Contact Lenses

I started wearing contacts years ago so I have gathered lots of experience in how to treat them and what to pay attention when you put them on, take them off, storing them, and even buying them online.


basket-They conform to the eye’s curvature, providing a wider view and causing minimal vision distortions or obstructions.

-Can be used when playing sports and exercising.

-Do not clash with what you are wearing.

– Cannot be affected by weather and will not fog up in extremely cold weather conditions like glasses.

-Some special contact lenses can re-shape a user’s cornea when sleeping, commonly referred to as orthokeratology which temporarily corrects myopia.


– Contacts minimize the amount of oxygen coming into contact with your eyes. This can increase or cause severity of the dry eye syndrome.

-Can cause computer vision syndrome

-Require proper care and cleaning.


And now were coming to glasses. It’s true that I’ve hated and loved them all these years, depending on the frame I was using every time.


– Wearing glasses minimizes the need for one to touch his or her eyes. This in turn reduces the chances of irritating your eye or developing an infection

-If you have sensitive or dry eyes, eyeglasses will not exacerbate your problem like contact lenses do.

-Eyeglasses are typically cheaper than lenses over the long term. You do not need to replace them as often.

-Frames are trendy and speak a lot about your style and personality.

-Glasses can protect you from environmental factors such as dust, debris and wind.


-Can distort your peripheral vision as they sit around half an inch from your eyes.

-If your prescription is too strong, the edges of your glasses may be too thick and unappealing making your eyes appear magnified.

– Some frames usually exert c continuous pressure behind your ears or on your nose leading to headaches and discomfort.

The decision to wear either glasses or contact lenses is purely a matter of personal taste and preferences. Also keep in mind that if you usually put on contact lenses, it is also important to have a pair of glasses just in case you cannot wear contacts due to an irritation or infection. Personally, I wear both. When I do sports, I put on my contacts and I enjoy the sense of freedom. When I am home I use my glasses cause they always come handy and relax my eyes.