How climate change has caused a rise in nutritional supplements

Over the last decade, the average temperature has been increasing steadily by nearly 20% due to human activities especially those regarding carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emissions in the atmosphere. It has had an effect on us in one way or another but this article will focus on how food has been drastically affected and how food supplements have saved many who are malnutritioned.

What is global warming?

It is a phenomenon where there’s a significant and gradual rise in the earth’s average temperature. The atmosphere and the deep blue oceans included. Climatic changes are then noticed all over the planet as the temperature system has been affected.

Causes of global warming

· Natural factors

They are inevitable and normally there’s little that can be done to hinder global warming caused by nature. Factors like sea-level affects the level of CO2 in the air. Other factors like the position of the earth in its orbit in relation to the sun, carbon cycle, plant and animal respiration and volcanic eruption are all causes of global warming.

· Human factors

Activities involving fossil fuel burning in cars, factories and electricity producing plants, also emit greenhouse gases. They end up gathering in the lower atmosphere without disintegrating which poses a threat to plant and animal life because they end up trapping heat within the earth’s atmosphere. Gases like methane, nitrous oxide and mainly CO2 are responsible.

Effects of global warming

global warmingThe high temperature trapped within causes melting of ice in the polar region, a rise in sea level, expansion and desertification of arable farming lands, heat waves, heavy or no rainfall, drought and famine. Generally, this leads to reduced agricultural yields in the markets and consequently ends up affecting man’s activities. This climatic change is one of the main reasons for low food quantity and quality produced. Temperature is vital for living things and once compromised, drastic changes take place in the bodies of the organisms. There is a threat to energy cycle since the producer is not giving enough for the consumer and the whole food chain is energy deficient. Crops, livestock, fisheries, grains, fruits and vegetables quantity have all been affected.

diseases on fruitsThe CO2 and other greenhouse gases level has led to the reduced level of vital nutrients like zinc, iron and protein among the few. Also, productive lands become bare and little or no food is produced. One’s plantation may be attacked and destroyed by the flash heavy rainfall caused by global warming. New pests and diseases may attack crops as the heat wave makes the low altitude pests to climb to higher altitudes where the land is arable for farming.

Supplements Are Necessary Now More Than Ever

Nutritional SupplementsThis has led to the sharp rise of food supplement demands since all the nutrients needed by the body can’t be found in a normal diet. The dietary supplements rejuvenate the body’s energy by adding the replenished nutrients.

More and more people living in regions highly affected by the drastic climatic changes are now demanding for food supplements in order to get the extra nutrient they feel is lacking in their diet. Vitaqure is one of the latest online magazines which gives information on nutritional supplement manufacturers and brands as well as tips for a healthier life.

In the video presentation below, organized by the Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture (MICCA) Programme and the Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN Forum) in March 2015, Hideki Kanamaru, explains how climate change is going to impact nutrition quality and food security. Kanamaru is a Natural Resource Officer at the Food and Agriculture Organization.