How Muscle and Strength Coupons Can Help You Lose Fat And Weight

Too many calories lead to weight and fat gain, big waist line and many health problems. We have all more or less thought at least once how we can successfully cut the calories that we consume on a daily basis. Now, he have this opportunity to discuss 8 science-backed and research-backed ways that will help us cut calories really quick.

#1 Drink you coffee or tea black

Those people that consume black coffee ended up consuming between 40% and 50% less calories throughout the course of the day. With extra calories, we refer to artificial sweeteners, adding sweetened fruit juices, adding cream, anything that might be make you feel fuller to get through the day.

Give it some careful consideration because 40% increased calories is 40% increase in your waistline. So, you definitely need to be cognizant of that.

#2 Add more fiber with breakfast

Why should we do this? Simply because it keeps you longer and fuller throughout the course of the day. But also, because it slows down the carbohydrate absorption throughout the day.

The American Heart Association has found significant decreases in instances of heart disease and weight gain in those people that consume between 10 and 20 grams of fiber with their breakfast. Simple trick but something that you want to employ even if it is just a little  bit of Psyllium Husk added to your morning smoothie.

#3 Carbonated water or things like Zevia instead of water

What exactly is Zevia? Zevia is a carbonated water that is sweetened with Stevia. There are some interesting facts when it comes down to Stevia in the first place. Supplementing just a small amount of Stevia before a meal actually showed a decrease in the blood Glucose after the meal. What that means is that Stevia is helping us utilize our carbohydrates better so they are not just spiking our blood Glucose.

Carbonated water in general is going to be the best choice you should combine your soda with. This combination makes you bloat a little bit. That means that you are less likely to go and eat more food. Get hungry and drink some carbonated water. It fills you up and you do not have to eat for a couple of hours.

#4 Eat protein throughout the day

Certainly, I am not talking consistently grazing on protein. I am talking about adding a small percentage of protein to every meal that you eat. You can have a little protein snack, you can have a tablespoon of Almond Butter with a bit of protein powder or you can have a little piece of chicken. You can obtain your own protein supplements at a discounted price with online coupons from  Check this link for coupons.

There are multiple studies that found consuming resistant starches along with Proteins dramatically reduced the impact of Carbohydrates but also reduce the amount of calories that people were taking in on average over multiple weeks.

#5 Watch your salad toppings

Let me get down to how it works. When you combine fats and carbs you are not doing a good thing for your body-spiking insulin because you allow fats and carbs to get shuttled into your cells. What do we normally put on salads? Usually, we put things like salad dressings that almost invariably have oils on them. The fat from salad dressings go right in the fat storage of your body.

So, for salad toppings, choose the low-fat, low-carb, healthy and natural ones and combine them with Sweet Balsamic, with Almonds or with some fruits.

#6 Eating at home

You do not just save money but it is proven scientifically that most people eating at home 5-6 days per week consume 150 – 200 calories less per day. That does not sound like much but when you factor in that 3500 calories make up a pound, it does not take long for 200 extra calories a day to add up to a pound and then two pounds and then three pounds. For healthy daily home food choices, look at

Not only are you saving money but you are also doing yourself a behavioral favor by getting in the right pattern of eating at home and making sure your calories stay a little bit lower.

#7 Ordering your food in advance

By ordering your food before you are hungry, with a mobile app or by phone, you can dramatically reduce the amount of calories, you typically take. There is a general consumption of 30% to 40% less calories when you order ahead.

So, if you are travelling or you are away from home, try using a mobile app or try picking up the phone and calling ahead. In that way, you know exactly, what you are going to eat, you watch to order low-calorie foods and you are setting yourself up.

#8 Keep your kitchen clean

People who keep their kitchens clean, make far better food choices. Simply because you are able to think clear, this puts your mind in a meditative state when you are able to organize the food that you are eating.

By keeping a clean kitchen, you make sure that you stay away from large portions because you are not dealing with mess and litter in your kitchen. If your kitchen is untidy and dirty that triggers a lot of neurotransmitters that make us take impulse decisions and actually increase cortisol levels. High cortisol levels cause us to behave and act with a flight-or-flight response instead of a true intention for food.

So, keeping the kitchen clean makes a huge difference. People in a messy kitchen consumed twice as many calories from cookies as the ones in the clean kitchen.

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