Why A Coupon For Glasses.Com Made Me Buy Glasses Online

framesdirect promo codeI must confess, I was skeptical about ordering glasses online. I grew up with annual visits to the optometrist to have my eyes checked. I liked the ritual of examining frames, narrowing the options down to a few favorites, and finally placing an order. But now that I’m wearing my new glasses – and sunglasses! – I am an online believer. I’ll be getting all my glasses from Glasses.com from now on.


I like to get a new pair of glasses every year or two. My company insurance plan covers the eye exam as well as basic frames and lenses, so I can usually get designer frames and high-index lenses without breaking the bank.

A few months ago I realized it had been a couple years since I had replaced my glasses. My frames weren’t as fashionable as they once were and a few scratches had appeared on my lenses. I was ready to replace them. That’s when a colleague recommended Glasses.com. Impressed by his enthusiasm and more than a little curious, I decided to check it out.


The first thing I discovered is that Glasses.com offers a much, much wider selection of frames than I’ve ever encountered in any optometrist’s office. Low-cost frames, sport, designer and the list goes on, Glasses.com offers a huge selection.

I was a little intimidated by the breadth of offerings, to tell you the truth. I didn’t want to make buying a pair of glasses my life’s work. That’s when I found the Glasses.com Face Shape Guide. I answered a few simple questions about the shape of my face and the glasses.com website showed me just which frames would look most flattering on me – and why! I was able to scroll through a selection of frames that were custom-picked for my exact face shape. It felt like I had a fashion consultant on standby to recommend the frames that suited me best.

I scrolled through all the beautiful frames but the truth is, I had fallen in love with a pair of glasses near the bottom of the first page. But then I hit another snag. I didn’t know what size to order. I didn’t even know glasses came in different sizes!

I clocked on the “Size” menu on the web page to see what the options were, and a link that said “Size Help” caught my eye. A diagram showed me just how and where to find the size marking on my old frames, which fit me well. There was also a toll-free number for the company’s frame-size experts, who could help me solve any problem. Luckily, I was able to find the frame size marking on my current glasses.


I would have ordered my glasses right then and there, but the glasses I was wearing were nearly two years old, and Glasses.com said you should consider your vision-correction prescription out of date if it’s that old. I couldn’t order new glasses without an eye exam. So much for online glasses shopping, I thought. That’s one thing they can’t do over the Internet.

The website did say that the company’s expert opticians could help me with prescription questions, however. I called the toll-free number and was quickly connected with an optician. I explained that I wanted to order glasses but that I hadn’t had an eye exam in a couple years.

The optician asked me where I lived and what my optometrist’s name was. Before I knew it, the optician had made an appointment for me to go and get my eyes checked. It was like having a personal assistant handle my appointments for me!


The order page for my glasses said I could go ahead and order even if I didn’t know my prescription yet. They would set my frames aside and finish them when they got updated prescription information. That’s convenient.

I have a pretty strong prescription, so my optometrist always ordered lenses that he called “high index.” I never knew exactly what that meant, however. The lens page explained that there were more options than I thought and helped me figure out which lens material was just right for me. Their opticians are happy to help with lens material selection too, but I didn’t need to call them. I knew just what I wanted.


I have always wanted a pair of prescription sunglasses for driving, hiking, and playing sports. It seemed self-indulgent, however, and I was sure I couldn’t afford it. Since I was at Glassess.com anyway, however, I decided it couldn’t hurt to check. That’s when I found www.quradia.com . The page listed discount codes for lots of different frames and other options – plus a sizable discount on sunglasses. I checked the prices and realized that after my insurance company’s contribution, I could afford the sunglasses easily. In fact, I could get both my new glasses and the sunglasses for less than I paid for glasses alone when I bought them at my optometrist’s office!


I placed my order, had my eyes checked, and before I knew it I received a delivery from the company. My new glasses and my first-ever sunglasses, just as I had imagined them. I rushed to a mirror and put them on. The website’s Face Shape Guide had been right. They looked great on me.

I started out skeptical, but Glasses.com made me an online shopping believer. And why not?

· The site offers many more frames, from many more designers, than you’re likely to find in an optometrist’s office.

· Special information helps guide you toward flattering frames, appropriate lens materials, coatings, frame size, and more.

· Their opticians are just a toll-free phone call away, ready to assist with everything from website navigation to updating your prescription.

· The site helps you do the insurance paperwork for the insurance companies that cover most people’s eyewear needs.

· The prices are great and discount coupons make them even better.

The next time you need glasses, try Glasses.com. I know I will!